Aug 8, 2014

The World Is Too Much With Us

The title above is a quote from a poem by Wordsworth. If you think the modern world is worse than the world of yesterday, look at the poem and see what he said of his own time, around 1800.

But that's not a quiz. This is a quiz:

1. "Hey, did you happen to see the ___ ___ ___ in the World?" Charlie Rich
2. "Around the world, I ___ ___ ___" Frank Sinatra
3. "Don't they know it's ___ ___ of the world?" Skeeter Davis
4. "He's Got the Whole World ___ ___ ___" Kids' song
5. "My world is ___ ___ ___" The Supremes

Image result for image cartoon earth

1. Most Beautiful Girl
2. searched for you
3. the end
4. in His Hands
5. Empty Without You

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