Sep 28, 2015

Recap: Alpena Book Festival

It was great! Good weather, great fans, knowledgeable authors, and wonderful downtown businesses, especially our sponsors: Blue Phoenix Books, Olivet Book & Give, and the George M. Fletcher Library!
But I won't tell you: I'll show you!

 Volunteers make an event, and we had some great ones, including S-in-Law Julie and her niece Skyla, who took these pics.
 Other helpers P.J. & Kaylee had a bit of trouble with tangled balloons.
 Loved what Allen & Goel Marketing Company did with the tote bags.
 Author Elizabeth Buzzelli shares a laugh with a fan.
 Bob of Bob's Bullpen demonstrates some facets of graphic arts.
 "My Favorite Book" tree
 Love to see a kid enjoying a book!

Panel at Blue Phoenix Books: What Makes a Genre, and Which Ones Do You Read?
l to r: Christine Johnson, Connie Doherty, P.J. Coldren, Laura Kolar, Chris Chagnon
 Signing for Clarence, a voracious reader and nice man.
 Author Susan Froetschel with a new fan.
.Work station for Bill & Diane Speer, who did ALL the registration for the Festival. Thank you!
 Chanda Stafford & Laura Kolar hosted the YA segment...
...and look what they got? I shoulda volunteered for that one. I'd like to thank the bakers at the cupcake shop, but sadly, I don't remember the name!!
 Before the Nonfiction panel at Art in the Loft: Mark Thompson, Tedd Galloway, Delores Liesner, & Elaine Stenger
The Long Conversation was an experiment, but it worked out well. Authors came and went for three hours, and discussion meandered through a series of topics related to reading, writing, publishing, and promoting books.

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