Aug 22, 2016

Why Do You Write Mysteries?

Why Do You Write Mysteries?
I get asked that question a lot, so I've thought long and hard in order to be able to come up with a good answer. Here it is.
I don't really know.
Why do you read mysteries? might be a place to start. If we can agree that we read mysteries because we enjoy having a puzzle to solve, like seeing characters tossed into unusual and often dangerous situations, and feel satisfied when everything works out in the end, then I guess the logical extension of that, at least for someone who likes to write, is attempting to create her own  mystery.
I like coming up with unique characters: a homeless woman, a dead P.I., a famous princess/queen. I like salting the plot with clues, both false and real. I like filling in details once the main story is in place and adding subplots like the relationships among sisters or the joys of growing up in a small town. I get to know my characters through a series, so my mind stops me if I try to make a woman or even a dog do something that isn't in her nature.
So why do I write mysteries? Well, it's great to have people write to tell me they enjoy them. When I opened my email this morning, there was a glowing review from a woman who'd listened to one of my books, nine hours of audio, in one day. That's a great complement to that first cup of coffee!
Mostly I write mysteries because I read them, love them, and am always looking for another good one. If I write it, that's okay too.

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