Oct 10, 2016

Help for Wanna-be Writers

This is an excerpt from my presentation on publishing. It's by no means exhaustive, just a little help to get you started.
There’s a book that tells you EVERYthing about the self-publishing process. It’s around $15.00 but worth it. Let’s Get Digital-https://www.amazon.com/Lets-Get-Digital-Self-Publish-Should/dp/1475212607

Before you get too excited about all the money that’s going to roll in, you might want to read this article: “Everything You Wanted to Know about Book Sales but Were Afraid to Ask”-

Site to find free-lance editors, cover artists, etc. Reedsy. You tell them what you need, they match you with someone who can do that. https://reedsy.com/#/freelancers

To make Kindle E-books: Kindle Digital Platform- https://kdp.amazon.com/

To make paperback books through Amazon: CreateSpace- https://www.createspace.com/

To make paperback books through Ingram (It's more expensive, but bookstores can order them without admitting that "awful Amazon" exists.) IngramSpark- http://ingramspark.com/

To publish just about anything to various outlets: Smashwords- http://smashwords.com/   
or Draft2Digital-http://draft2digital.com

Bowker is the only US provider of ISBNs. If you buy from anyone else, they’ve bought from Bowker and are reselling them to you. http://www.bowker.com/

U.S. Copyright office: again, if you get “help” with your copyright, you’re paying someone to fill out the short form the government requires and paying a LOT more for it. www.copyright.gov/

BEWARE sites help authors navigate the dangerous waters of publishing. They rate publishers and agents by complaints received, so I always check before I deal with an unknown entity.

Writers Market lists agents and publishers with lots of info on what they represent and how to contact them. https://www.amazon.com/Writers-Market-2017-Trusted-Published/dp/1440347735

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