Feb 26, 2018

Another Oldie Reborn

I wrote recently about re-releasing my historicals now that I have the rights from the publisher who originally launched them (2 down, 2 to go!) I explained that they have to have different covers because the original ones aren't mine.

There's another book I'd like to tell you about, but we have to talk about some additional things.
First, sometimes a book title just doesn't work. You might have seen FORMER TITLE on some of your favorite authors' novels (Did you know that Fitzgerald almost called his book Among Ash-Heaps and Millionaires? I think THE GREAT GATSBY is a better title!) Titles aren't etched in stone, and if one doesn't work, the smart thing to do is change it. The book I once called A Lethal time and Place is a good example. I realized over time that it sounds scary and dark, while the story is whimsical and fun. Hence a new title, NOT DEAD YET...
The same is true with covers. The cover artist listened to my ideas and did as I asked, but from the first I knew the cover below was (again) scarier/darker than the story.

After a while of feeling that wasn't right, I tried for a lighter tone here:

But honestly, this one's boring.

So we're going with a new title and a new cover. If you already bought the book with the above title/cover, don't do it again!

If you haven't and you're looking for something fun, try Not Dead Yet...
You are sure to love Leo, Libby, Memnet, and Roy, and you will probably want to read this one twice so you can pick up on the hints to the big plot twist you missed the first time through!

Available now on Amazon and many other e-book sites. Print will be available as soon as I do the "real book" proof, maybe two weeks, and I've started the audio, which always takes much longer.

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