Jun 25, 2018

And More in the Free Category

NOT DEAD YET...is a book that's hard to categorize. If I tell you it's a mystery I won't be lying, but what kind of mystery is it?
Well, a different kind.
There's no detective who drinks more than he/she should and struggles against the system.
There's no recently-divorced woman who just opened a business and has a crazy best friend who forces her to investigate local crime.
There's no serial killer whose methods make you want to hurl.

What is it then? A mystery within a mystery, for one thing. Four curiously talented yet oddly shy squatters must solve a murder, but they have their own secret to hide.
And when you get it, you'll be gobsmacked.

NOT DEAD YET...is free this week for Kindle readers, so there's no risk. If you like it, I'd appreciate a review (as I always do!)
It's also available in print (Amazon, bookstores) and audio (Amazon Audible). In mid-July it will be released on other e-book distributors as well (B&N, Kobo, etc.). If you read library e-books, ask your library to order it then. 

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  1. This is one of the BEST books I have read. I liked it so much that I wrote a review on Amazon.


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