Mar 14, 2019

New Life for Loser...and a Chance for You Too!

Starting March 15th and going through April 15th, Loser's first adventure, KILLING SILENCE, will be available as an e-book FREE through BookFunnel! (Click on the link below the cover for details.)

As my readers know, I got the rights back to the series from the original publisher and have been working to re-issue the books with new covers in three formats: e-book, print, and audio. I'm thrilled to say they're all available now in all those formats. 

Here are the three Loser Mysteries.

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 In Book #1, we meet Loser, who is barely able to cope. A little girl named Bryn makes her take interest in life again, and when Bryn's daddy is accused of murder, Loser feels compelled to help. Is that possible for a homeless person who speaks no more than 30 words per day? Loser only knows she has to fight back her demons and try.
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 In Book #2, Loser returns to the town where she was raised, searching for peace and anonymity. What she finds there is a former foster sister, who is hiding from something she won't discuss. Things get worse when the woman disappears, leaving her teenage son with Loser.
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In Book #3, Loser returns to Richmond when new information comes to light about her husband's murder. She's still the main suspect, and she soon finds more murders laid at her door. In a pulse-pounding conclusion, all of Loser's questions are answered...except the question of whether she'll live through her quest for justice and closure.

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