Book Club Discussion Q's for

Book Club Discussion Questions for

1. Robin is a pretty ordinary person at the beginning of the book. What factors cause her to react to Carter/Cameron's situation differently than most "ordinary" people would?

2. One of the enjoyable things about this story is the help Robin gets from unexpected sources. Which surprising helper was most satisfying for you as a reader?

3. One reviewer says of, "The book isn't realistic, but we wish it were." What factors in this story make it more or less believable for you?

4. Over the course of the story, Cam grows more confident in some areas. What factors in his background help him overcome his disabilities and which ones hold him back?

5. The book's theme might be stated as "We're not gonna take it anymore!" To what extent do you agree with Robin's crusade against corruption?

6. Em's experience as an FBI agent provides valuable assistance to the group as well as touches of humor. If this book were to become a movie, who should play the role of Em?

7. The house the "gang" buys provides a chance to create the home they've always wanted/needed. What does that mean to each of them?

8. As they move from caper to caper, how do the characters' roles solidify? Any developments you didn't expect?

9. Which "take-down" in the story was the most satisfying for you?

10. Tom Wyman goes from threat to ally. What future do you see for him in Book 2?

11. This book began with a cover that turned out to be a bad idea. The same artist did both (Phillips Covers) and I asked for what I thought would be good. When the book came out I got negative reactions on that cover (below) so I asked for a new one. Both represent the story, but each creates a different mood. Discuss how/if the current cover (above) is more suitable to the story in your view.

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