Double Toil & Trouble

Two Scottish Lasses, Vikings, & Love That Should Not Be

Twins Jenna and Jessie live in the Highlands with the rest of the macFinlaech clan until a band of Vikings disrupts their peaceful life. The Viking leader pledges to find their sister Tessa and murder her sons, avenging what he says is a blood debt for the crimes of King Macbeth. To discourage the Scots from trying to stop him, he takes Jessie along as a hostage.

Jenna goes after the Vikings with two purposes in mind. She will help her twin escape her captors. Then she will hurry to England and warn Tessa of the Vikings' plan.

The story follows the sisters as they navigate the unfamiliar world outside their clan-hold. They meet a kindly priest who believes angels walk the earth. There's a beautiful Viking seer with bones so brittle that each movement she makes is dangerous. And there's William the Conqueror and his wife Matilda, bent on taking the throne of England.

Along with their struggles to survive, the sisters struggle against their own hearts. Jessie believes there is no place for a cripple in the life of the man she loves. Jenna refuses to admit her feelings for the Norman she's certain is merciless and deceitful, like every Viking.

Macbeth's legacy is strong, creating turmoil long after his own bloody death. Can two Highland girls triumph over the hatred of warring factions? Can love win out over doubt and distrust? This tale of Macbeth's other nieces will have readers believing it can.

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