Go Home and Die

Carrie Walsh of Flint, Michigan, has a job she hates, an overbearing mother, and a crushing lack of self-confidence. It is, after all, 1968. Women are supposed to act boldly and make a place for themselves in the world of men. Carrie can't get past the idea that her frizzy hair and Coke-bottle glasses make her unattractive. Besides, she's hopelessly incompetent when it comes to clothing, styles, and men.
When she witnesses a murder, Carrie begins to look at life differently. The victim wasn't much older than she. Carrie decides it's time to make some changes.
Before she can over-think her decision, Carrie quits her job. Jack Porter, the murder victim's partner, is trying to start a detective agency. Since he returned from Vietnam minus a leg, Carrie proposes that she will be his secretary as well as his "legman," doing tasks Jack finds difficult.
The two quickly become close--at least until Jack's secrets start coming to light. Carrie isn't sure what's going on, but it's clear her life is in danger. She has to trust someone, but should it be Jack? Or is her mother right when she says every choice Carrie ever made is wrong?

Everybody Lies

    First, let me say I'm aware that I make things up for a living, so writing about lying is a little hypocritical. But I don't pre...