Peg's Write, Edit, Publish Workshop

Write, Edit, Publish

A 4-hour Workshop for those who love to write, need to edit, and want to publish

The world of publishing is scary, overwhelming, and changing rapidly. When I began teaching this workshop, I advised people NOT to self-publish. Now I tell them how to do it successfully. Since I'm not a publisher, editor, or any other type with an agenda, I can and will be honest about the business.

WRITE: We'll spend an hour on writing fiction: what makes a good plot, how to achieve rounded characters, when to include details of setting, and why a writer must consider things like theme and sensory images.

EDIT: We'll spend about half an hour learning some ways to edit your own work and how to take the next step, finding good help beyond yourself, your friends, and your family.

PUBLISH: The rest of the workshop is dedicated to the many ways a person can now publish a book. We'll talk about the pitfalls. We'll look at your reasons for publishing and how that affects the way you should publish. We'll consider each step: what you need to do, what you need to know, what you want for results.

This workshop costs $250, since each participant gets a booklet to take home and refer to as needed. It might also require mileage.

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