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Brothers & Sisters & Songs

Brothers & Sisters & Songs 1. Neil Diamond "Brother Love's ___  ___  ___" 2. The Hollies "He ___ ___, He's My Brother 3. America "Sister ___ ____" 4. Train "____,  ____ Sister" 5. Bing Crosby "Brother, Can You ____  ___ ___?" Answers 1. Traveling Salvation Show www. youtube .com/watch?v=nhGMmmd9Ixs 2. Ain't Heavy 3. Golden Hair 4. Hey, Soul 5. Spare a Dime

"Say" Something!

Don't just sit there--Say Someone (Who Sang it?) 1. "Say, Say, Say" Two Superstars 2. "Don't Say Goodnight" 1 from above with his own band 3. "How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You When You Know I've Been a Liar All My Life?" Two classic musical stars 4."What'd I Say?" The MAN 5. "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" a girl with a big voice Answers: 1. Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson 2.  Paul McCartney & Wings 3. Jane Powell & Fred Astaire  4. Ray Charles 5. Dusty Springfield

Anybody Hungry?

Name the fruit! 1. "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of ____" Danny Kaye 2. "____, ____, _____ ___, who's not ready, holler I." Jay & the Techniques 3. "Drink it right down, pass it all around, ___ ___ ___" Tommy James & the Shondelles 4. "(Trumpets, Drums, Cymbals), ____ Man!" Herbie Hancock 5. "Laaaah, la la, la la la, lahhhh! (Repeat) ____ ____" 1. Coconuts 2. Apples/Peaches/Pumpkin Pie 3. Sweet Cherry Wine 4. Watermelon 5. Juanita Banana

Indefinite Articles & Adverbs!

Complete the lyric with an indefinite article/adverb. Don't be scared if you forgot English class---you'll figure it out. 1. "___ Loves ____ ____" Dean Martin 2. "____ you're feelin' lonely, ___ you're feelin' blue" Eddy Arnold, et al 3. "A rose must remain with the sun and the rain,...To ____ His Own" The Ink Spots 4. Dr. Zhivago  "____, My Love" 5. "____ To Watch Over Me" (I like Streisand's version) Answers 1. Everybody/Somebody/Sometime 2. Anytime/Anytime 3. Each 4. Somewhere 5. Someone

Tis the Season

Easy one for Sunday: Songs about summer. Just fill in the lyric. 1. "Summertime and the livin' is ____" Billie Holiday 2. "Summer days, driftin' away, but oh! Those Summer ____!" Grease 3. "There ain't no cure for the Summertime ____"  Eddie Cochran 4. "Trees swaying in the summer breeze, showing off their ____ ____" Chad & Jeremy 5. "Roll out those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer, those days of ___ and ___ and ___" Nat King Cole Answers: 1. easy 2. Nights 3. Blues 4. silver leaves  5. soda/pretzels/beer

Lucky 7?

These songs all have 7 in their titles. 1. "77 _____  ____ (snap, snap)" old TV show 2. "Seven _____   ____" the Eagles 3. "The Seven Deadly ____" Camelot song 4. "The Seventh ____" Johnny Rivers 5. "At Seven____" Janis Ian Answers: 1. Sunset Strip 2. Bridges Road 3. Virtues 4. Son 5. teen

Taking Your Measure

These songs have measurements in the titles. 1. "I Love You a ____ & a ____" Doris Day 2. "60 ____ Man" Billy Ward & the Dominoes 3. "Eight ____ High" The Byrds 4. "____ in a Bottle" Jim Croce 5. "The ___ of the Cat" Al Stewart Answers: 1. Bushel/Peck 2. Minute 3. Miles 4. Time 5. Year

Where Do You Live?

Songs About Home 1. "___ ___'s Not My Home" Jim Croce 2. "Home on ___ ___" cowboy song 3. "Homeward ____" Simon & Garfunkel 4. "When ____ Comes Marching Home" Civil War song 5. "Sweet Home ____" Lynyrd Skynyrd 1. New York 2. the Range 3. Bound 4. Johnny 5. Alabama

Work on This

What work is being done in the songs below? 1. "Workin' My Way ___  ___  ___" The Four Seasons 2. "Workin' in a ___  ___" Lee Dorsey 3. "She Works Hard ___ ___ ___" Donna Summer 4. "(Steadily depressing, low-down, mind-messing) Working at the ___ ___ ___" Jim Croce 5. "Workin' for a ____" Huey Lewis & the News Answers: 1. Back to You www. you 2. Coal Mine 3. for the Money 4. Car Wash Blues 5. Living

Today's Quiz: Waterways

Easy one! Name the waterway. 1. "You always know your neighbor...if you ever navigated on the ____  _____." 2. "There's Cleo and me-o and the baby crocodile, we live on the ____  ____..." 3. "____ ____ is in my blood, the place I love." 4. "Oh, Shenandoah, I long to see you, Across the Wide ___" 5. "You were sixteen, my village queen, down by the old ____  ____" Answers: 1. Eric Canal    "Low Bridge" (aka "The Erie Canal Song") 2. Allegheny River    "Cleo and Me-o" 3. "Yellow River" by Christie 4. Missouri  5. Mill Stream

Quiz & Release Date Set

The release date for KILLING DESPAIR has (finally) been set: August 9, 2014 Today's Quiz: Make Some Noise 1. "Twist and ____" the Beatles 2. "Don't be afraid, you can ____ ___" Chris Montez 3. "I'm just a ____ and a ____ away from Paradise." Herman's Hermits 4. "A little bit louder now: _____!" Isley Brothers 5. "With a ___  ___ she cried..." Billy Idol Answers: 1. Shout 2. call me 3. hoot/holler 4. Shout 5. Rebel Yell  

Who Lives There?

Name the character in a song who can be found in the place mentioned. 1. Chelsea ( Cabaret song) 2. Memphis, Tennessee (Johnny Rivers) 3. a church where a wedding has been (the Beatles) 4. Way down in Lousiana close to New Orleans (Chuck Berry) 5. Sheboygan (Arthur Godfrey) Answers 1. Elsie 2. Marie 3. Eleanor Rigby 4. Johnny B. Goode 5. A little Dutch girl   

Quiz: Say "Ah!"

The song lyrics below hint at names that end in the "ah" sound. 1. "She take-a my money and run Venezuala." 2. "I never understood a single word he said..." 3. "I felt the knife in my hand, and she laughed no more." 4. "I'm so young and you're so old..." 5. "___ makes the mountains sound like folks were up there dying." Answers: 1. Matilda 2. Jeremiah 3. Delilah 4. Diana 5. Mariah

It's All Nonsense!

Give the title of the song that contains these nonsense syllables. 1. Shoop shoop 2. Bomp ba ma bomp, Ba bomp ma bomp bomp 3. Oo ee oo ah ah 4.Sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, just hold on tight 5. Chang chang, changity chang cha-sha-bop Answers: 1. "It's in His Kiss" 2. "Blue Moon" 3. "The Witch Doctor" 4. "Rock & Roll Lullaby" 5. "We Go Together"

I Ain't 'Fraid of No Ghost!

How about some songs about ghosts? 1. Kingston Trio tells about Ghost Anne Boleyn 2. Johnny Cash. Dead Cowboys--need I say more? 3. A ghost's warning to Jerry Lee Lewis 4. Guy plans to propose on Halloween-Classics IV 5. Dickey Lee's date turns into an eerie experience Answers: 1. "With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm" 2. "Ghost Riders in the Sky" 3. "Haunted House" 4. "Spooky" 5. "Laurie"

Today's Quiz: Angels Among Us

Title the Songs 1. She died in a car/train accident 2. She looks like an angel but she's... 3. It made his blood run cold. His angel is a ______! 4. She's attractive, especially her visual organs. 5. He's on his way to heaven. Answers: 1. "Teen Angel" 2. "The Devil in Disguise" 3. "Centerfold" 4. "Pretty Little Angel Eyes" 5. "Got a Date with an Angel"

Mary Who?

Mary seems to be a popular name in song titles. Which Mary song title goes with the line below? (Extra credit if you can name the artist!) 1. "...goodbye, heart!" 2. "Every now and then I spend my time at rhyme and verse..." 3. "For miles around they're waitin' to start the celebratin'..." 4. "People on the river are happy to give..." 5. "A man with money said, 'Come on, honey...'" Answers: 1. "Hello, Mary Lou" Ricky Nelson 2. "Along Comes Mary" The Association (This video is a hoot--They got old!) 3. "Mary Lou" Bing Crosby (No video available) 4. "Proud Mary" CCR 5. "Cherry Hill Park (Mary Hill) Billy Joe Royal
Today's Quiz: What Color Is It? 1. "A ____ Sport Coat & a ____Carnation" Marty Robbins 2. "____ Beret" Prince 3. "____ Velvet" Bobby Vinton 4. "Paint It ____" The Rolling Stones 5. "Jeremiah Peabody's (Polyunsaturated, Quick Dissolving, Fast Acting, Pleasant Tasting ) ____ & ____ Pills" Ray Stevens Answers: 1. White/Pink 2. Raspberry (no YouTube version) 3. Blue Velvet 4. Black 5. Green/Purple
Today's Quiz: Soft Stuff Name the artist most associated with these "soft" songs 1. "Killing Me Softly 2. "Softly, I Will Leave You" 3. "Soft Kitty" 4. "Come Softly to Me" 5. "Speak Softly, Love" Answers: 1. Roberta Flack 2. Frank Sinatra (version here is Matt Munro) 3. Sheldon Cooper (or Penny!) 4. The Fleetwoods 5. Andy Williams ( Godfather theme)

Lika a Wheel

 Today's Quiz: Wheels If you aren't lucky enough to be from Onaway, Michigan, you might need to know that each year our local metalworking company surprises the community with an amazing sculpture for the Fourth of July parade. (For more examples, look at The surprise for 2014 was a huge steering wheel, since Onaway was once the home of a large steering wheel factory and its slogan was "Onaway Steers the World." The wheel is currently on display at Moran's new educational facility just past the blinker light where M33 connects with M68. So the quiz: What Song about wheels is associated with the singers below? 1. Perry Como 2. Blood, Sweat, & Tears 3. Kay Starr 4. Tina Turner 5. any preschooler on a day trip Answers: 1."Round and Round (Find a Wheel)" 2. "Spinning Wheel" 3. "The