Charlie Dickens' Documents

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In the second Mercedes Mystery, Colm's (pronounced 'Col um, since you asked) behavior toward Mercedes changes suddenly. He was coming to visit her in Detroit, but he abruptly cancels. He sent her a package of papers he agreed to investigate for one Charlie Dickens, and then he wants them back unopened. And he seemed to be moving toward a closer relationship with Mercedes...until he tells her he's finished with her forever.

Unable to reconcile those things in her mind, Mercedes goes to England to see Colm face-to-face. There she finds him missing, the owner of the "Dickens' documents" murdered, and some very shady characters interested in what she knows about the papers, which were all written around the time of the French Revolution.

Old characters like David and Lonnie mix with new ones as Mercedes hunts for clues, answers, and most important of all, Colm.

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