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Quiz & Release Date Set

The release date for KILLING DESPAIR has (finally) been set: August 9, 2014 Today's Quiz: Make Some Noise 1. "Twist and ____" the Beatles 2. "Don't be afraid, you can ____ ___" Chris Montez 3. "I'm just a ____ and a ____ away from Paradise." Herman's Hermits 4. "A little bit louder now: _____!" Isley Brothers 5. "With a ___  ___ she cried..." Billy Idol Answers: 1. Shout 2. call me 3. hoot/holler 4. Shout 5. Rebel Yell  

Who Lives There?

Name the character in a song who can be found in the place mentioned. 1. Chelsea ( Cabaret song) 2. Memphis, Tennessee (Johnny Rivers) 3. a church where a wedding has been (the Beatles) 4. Way down in Lousiana close to New Orleans (Chuck Berry) 5. Sheboygan (Arthur Godfrey) Answers 1. Elsie 2. Marie 3. Eleanor Rigby 4. Johnny B. Goode 5. A little Dutch girl   

Quiz: Say "Ah!"

The song lyrics below hint at names that end in the "ah" sound. 1. "She take-a my money and run Venezuala." 2. "I never understood a single word he said..." 3. "I felt the knife in my hand, and she laughed no more." 4. "I'm so young and you're so old..." 5. "___ makes the mountains sound like folks were up there dying." Answers: 1. Matilda 2. Jeremiah 3. Delilah 4. Diana 5. Mariah

It's All Nonsense!

Give the title of the song that contains these nonsense syllables. 1. Shoop shoop 2. Bomp ba ma bomp, Ba bomp ma bomp bomp 3. Oo ee oo ah ah 4.Sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, just hold on tight 5. Chang chang, changity chang cha-sha-bop Answers: 1. "It's in His Kiss" 2. "Blue Moon" 3. "The Witch Doctor" 4. "Rock & Roll Lullaby" 5. "We Go Together"

I Ain't 'Fraid of No Ghost!

How about some songs about ghosts? 1. Kingston Trio tells about Ghost Anne Boleyn 2. Johnny Cash. Dead Cowboys--need I say more? 3. A ghost's warning to Jerry Lee Lewis 4. Guy plans to propose on Halloween-Classics IV 5. Dickey Lee's date turns into an eerie experience Answers: 1. "With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm" 2. "Ghost Riders in the Sky" 3. "Haunted House" 4. "Spooky" 5. "Laurie"

I Need a Light

It could be our advancing age, but John and I both want a source of light--or extra light--everywhere these days. His purchases tend to be battery-operated lanterns of many sizes and BIG flashlights. Mine are little and cute, and it's nice if they're attractive too. Saturday I found a six-pack of 3-inch Maglites in pretty colors, and I've been stashing them everywhere ever since. The one I set next to my chair in the living room paid for itself almost immediately when I came in from a walk, felt a tick on my leg, and tried to catch it. It jumped onto our mottled beige carpet and went invisible--until I searched with my tiny light. There he was, and there he went! There's a light next to the computer so I can see where the cords plug in. I hung a light on my key chain so I can see to open the door when I come home late. I set a light beside my bed for when I get up in the night. I bought a lighted magnifier for reading the fine print they put on product packaging (sm

Today's Quiz: Angels Among Us

Title the Songs 1. She died in a car/train accident 2. She looks like an angel but she's... 3. It made his blood run cold. His angel is a ______! 4. She's attractive, especially her visual organs. 5. He's on his way to heaven. Answers: 1. "Teen Angel" 2. "The Devil in Disguise" 3. "Centerfold" 4. "Pretty Little Angel Eyes" 5. "Got a Date with an Angel"