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True Colors

What hair or eye color is mentioned in these songs? 1. "___ Is the Color of My True Love's Hair" 2. "There runs Mary, hair of ___ and lips like cherries..." 3. "___ -Eyed Lady" 4. "Has Anybody Seen My Gal?" 5. "___-Eyed Girl" Answers: 1. Black 2. gold "The Green, Green Grass of Home" 3. Green 4. eyes of blue 5. Brown

Body Parts

Sorry. That's what came to mind. Maybe too many CSI reruns! 1. What do you get from working your fingers to the bone, according to Hoyt Axton? 2. What do the Eagles contend you can't hide? 3. What have no rhythm, according to George Michael? 4. What can't Sir Mix-a-Lot lie about liking? 5. What body part is Little Anthony  apparently leaving behind? Answers: 1. Bony Fingers 2. Lyin' Eyes 3. guilty feet (from "Careless Whisper") 4. big butts (from "Baby Got Back") 5.his head ("Going Out of My Head");_ylt=A2KLqIKeZPdT1WsAZFX7w8QF

What It's Like When You're Expecting...a Book

My copies of KILLING DESPAIR arrived yesterday, and it got me thinking that expecting a book is a lot like expecting a baby. *When you tell people about it too early, all those months of waiting detract from the excitement. *You can't be sure when it's going to happen, despite the dates the experts throw out there. *There are periods of discomfort, and you have to remind yourself that something good is going to result. *Friends are supportive, but they're seldom as excited as you are about the coming event. *You wait for it to be "over" but soon learn there's more work after it's "over" than you ever imagined. E-book: Print: My signing itinerary

When Was That?

1. Anxious girl asks, "Will You ___ ___ ___ Tomorrow?" 2. Depressed Beatle believes in "___" 3. Lots of ticking rhythm in "___ ___ Come Today." 4. Chad & Jeremy lament that "Yesterday's ___" 5. But you should never doubt that "The ___  ___  ___ ___ Tomorrow!" 1. Still Love Me www. you 2. Yesterday 3. Time Has Come 4. Gone 5. sun will come out

The Upper Class of Jim

What's the song about Jim or Jimmy... 1. In which the untimely death of an agricultural titan is celebrated by employee misbehavior and lack of concern. 2. In which the speaker wonders about the return of her lover, fearing she'll be distracted by a rival suitor. 3. In which the tragic death of a societal outcast is brought about by parental interference. 4. In which the life of a simply country boy is chronicled by harmonious church instruments. 5. In which a locally-known criminal is brought to justice in a seedy billiards parlor. 1. "Jimmy Crack Corn" (Smothers Brothers' version) 2. "Jimmy Mack" 3. "Leader of the Pack" 4. "The Bells" 5. "Don't Mess Around with Jim"