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While the Nation Sleeps

I've been up for two hours. Actually, two hours and twenty-three minutes. Why? I don't know. I'm lucky if I sleep until 5:00 a.m. There's no pressure on me. There's nothing I have to get done. Yes, I go to bed early, but it doesn't make much difference what time I go to bed, I still wake up early, and if I've stayed up at night, it just means I'm groggy all day. I like working in the morning. I feel fresh and ready to tackle anything. The problem is that no one else is up. That request I sent yesterday hasn't been answered yet because every sane person is ASLEEP! So I putz. I check my sales. I clear out my spam folder. I do some laundry. I write a blog. While the rest of you sleep. Note: John is as bad or worse, and the upside of that is twofold. First, we agree on getting up early, and second, we get some great shots like the one above: sunrise over Grand Canyon.