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Garden Tools We Need to Invent

Edible things are starting to appear in our garden (through John's efforts alone these days) and it occurs to me there are some things Science could invent to help gardeners: Leaf-penetrating radar: for finding all those cucumbers that hide until they're too fat to use Underground MRI : to show which carrots, beets, potatoes, etc. are big enough to pull Rodent-discouraging pods: Before we get to them, critters have chewed a hole and taken out all the peas.  Shaper for peppers: The ones from the store are perfectly formed. Ours taste better, but they look like some weird science experiment.   Shut-off valve for cherry tomatoes, green beans, and zucchini : We're so excited for the first ones, but by mid-August we're desperate to give them away. Don't stop to ask for directions--you'll leave with a car full of vegetables! You probably have suggestions too if you're a gardener.