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Nov 9, 2015

What It's Like in a Writer's Head--Especially on Mondays

Okay, today I have to finish the chapter I started yesterday--

But there's that blogger who wants a guest post by Wednesday--

Oh, and the editor sent a chapter for me to okay. I should get on that soon.

But that contest I'm judging has a deadline for me to return my ratings. When was that?

I wish I had time to write the book I keep imagining. Seems like fun but can't handle it right now.

Christmas is coming. I should do some sort of promotion.

And I've got Career Day this Friday at that high school. Need to think about that a little.

Setting for DD#4: Interview more people about life in the '50s or do I have enough in there already?

Rewrite my will to assign rights to my "intellectual property"? Yeah, when I get time.

Two dates in TC coming up. Should I get a room or drive home late at night? December...

Beta reader needs a copy of the fourth Dead Detective. Print, since she doesn't Kindle.
Um, when was I going to finish that chapter????

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