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Who You Callin' Hitler?

I try hard to stay out of politics on-line, mostly because I understand that no one changes someone else's beliefs by simply saying, "You're wrong. Here's the right way to look at it." Instead I'll do a history lesson. Adolf Hitler came to power and did what he did by convincing his people that it wasn't their fault things were bad in Germany. They were good people, he said. In fact, they were the best people on the face of the earth. They owed their nation whole-hearted love and allegiance, and there could be no questioning of the Fatherland. They had a proud heritage, and it deserved respect. What was wrong, Hitler said, was outsiders. People who didn't think, look, or act like "real" Germans. Something had to be done about these people, and we know now what that something was. I had a really cool prof at U of M many years ago, Dr. Westie, who explained two terms that get in the way of our view of the world. Egocentrism is the feel