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Mar 17, 2021

Another Newbie--Yay!

 Get it on Amazon HERE

Just got word that THE TROUBLE WITH DAD is now available as an audio book. When this happens, I get codes to give away (with the strong hint that a review would be nice). If you'd like a code, email me: pegfish(at sign) Give me your email address, and it'll be on its way!

For those who don't know the Kidnap Capers series, it's a three-book story arc in which a young legal secretary becomes--kind of accidentally--the head of a gang that kidnaps bad people and "encourages" them to change their ways. All are available as e-books (all distributors), print books (Amazon & Draft2Digital), and audio books (Audible/Amazon).

Book 1: Kidnap(.)org Robin becomes a kidnapper and finds out she's good at it.


Everywhere else:

Book 2: Pharma Con   Robin and the gang take down a pharmaceutical cheat.


Everywhere else:

Book 3: The Trouble with Dad  Robin faces her worst opponent ever: her dad.


Jan 29, 2015

Are You an Audiobook Person?

There are things we hear discussed among readers today, and one of them is electronic versus print books for reading. People say things like, "I want a book in my hand," or "E-books are so much more convenient."
I'm okay with both. I like reading on my iPad when I travel, my Kindle at bedtime, and a "real" book anytime, anywhere.
The other question is "Do you listen to books?"
To that one I have to say no, or at least, not yet.
I'm a fast reader, and I doubt I'd be happy with the slow pace of someone reading to me. I'm also a wool-gatherer, so I'd probably zone out when something interesting caught my eye. So I haven't done the audio thing yet.


I have to listen to my own books in order to okay them for release on, Amazon's audio book company. It's been an enjoyable experience, and it gave me a different perspective on the book, the story, and the protagonist.

Most recent was the first Loser Mystery, KILLING SILENCE. The actress my producer chose does a great job with Loser, a street person with a flat affect due to the trauma she's experienced. I was afraid that too much flatness would make the reading boring, but Karisa Bruin does an outstanding job, making Loser's personality come through with understanding and humor.

Karisa is currently at work on the second book, KILLING MEMORIES. While I'm not an audiophile yet, I'm looking forward to seeing what she does with Loser as she begins her crawl back to normalcy.

You can find KILLING SILENCE here, in all three forms: print, e-book, and audio.

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