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They Come in Threes

Each song has to do with three. 1. "We do everything alike/ We look alike/We walk alike, we talk alike, and what is more we hate each other very much... 2. "And what I feel in my heart, they say sincerely..." 3. "Thanks for the times that you've given me..." 4. "...we've danced the whole night through..." 5. "Hey, girl, what you doin' down there?"  Answers: 1. "Triplets" 2. "Three Little Words" 3. "Three Times a Lady" 4. "Three O'clock in the Morning"  5. "Knock Three Times" www. youtube .com/watch?v=k7Jvsbcxunc (I'm willing to bet Tony HATES this video!)

Why? ~ Because!

1.  "____ Because" Elvis 2. "Because (___ ___ ___)" the Dave Clark Five 3. "Because ___ ___" Tony Bennett 4. "Because (You ___ ___ ___) Perry Como 5. "I Like ____ Because They Have No ____" Answers: 1. Just 2. I Love You 3. of You   www. you 4. Come to Me 5. Bananas/Bones (We don't explain 'em; we just list 'em!)