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I Need a Light

It could be our advancing age, but John and I both want a source of light--or extra light--everywhere these days. His purchases tend to be battery-operated lanterns of many sizes and BIG flashlights. Mine are little and cute, and it's nice if they're attractive too. Saturday I found a six-pack of 3-inch Maglites in pretty colors, and I've been stashing them everywhere ever since. The one I set next to my chair in the living room paid for itself almost immediately when I came in from a walk, felt a tick on my leg, and tried to catch it. It jumped onto our mottled beige carpet and went invisible--until I searched with my tiny light. There he was, and there he went! There's a light next to the computer so I can see where the cords plug in. I hung a light on my key chain so I can see to open the door when I come home late. I set a light beside my bed for when I get up in the night. I bought a lighted magnifier for reading the fine print they put on product packaging (sm