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Nov 23, 2015

Coming Up: 30 Days of Christmas

Starting November 25, you'll want to check this blog every day. I'm planning 30 Days of Christmas, a countdown to the holiday that is sure to make you merry. (Maggie and I are collaborating)

Pet Stories
Character-Written Posts
Author Spotlights
...and anything else we can think of!

So starting Wednesday, Nov. 25th, check here every day for something to warm your heart and boost your Christmas spirit!

Jul 9, 2014

Lika a Wheel

 Today's Quiz: Wheels
If you aren't lucky enough to be from Onaway, Michigan, you might need to know that each year our local metalworking company surprises the community with an amazing sculpture for the Fourth of July parade. (For more examples, look at
The surprise for 2014 was a huge steering wheel, since Onaway was once the home of a large steering wheel factory and its slogan was "Onaway Steers the World." The wheel is currently on display at Moran's new educational facility just past the blinker light where M33 connects with M68.

So the quiz: What Song about wheels is associated with the singers below?
1. Perry Como
2. Blood, Sweat, & Tears
3. Kay Starr
4. Tina Turner
5. any preschooler on a day trip

1."Round and Round (Find a Wheel)"
2. "Spinning Wheel"
3. "The Wheel of Fortune"
4. "Proud Mary (Big wheels keep on rolling)"
5. "The Wheels on the Bus"

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