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Showing posts from June 22, 2014

Stealing Books

I went on YouTube for some reason the other day and happened to notice a file with my name. When I clicked on it, I found that someone was offering a free PDF of my second Simon & Elizabeth book, POISON, YOUR GRACE. On YouTube. Really? In addition to surprise, there was a hint of satisfaction: Someone liked the book enough to steal it and offer to share it with others, (although it's weird to offer the second book of a series). On the other hand, there's disbelief. People are that crooked? After I put in all the work to write it, my editors slaved over the edits, and my publisher fronted the money to see it in print, someone steals it? What did I do? I turned it over to the legal department at Five Star and forgot about it. Life's too short to get all crazy about people who have no integrity. Somewhere inside their shrunken little souls, they know how sad they really are.