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People often ask, "What are you working on?" Currently, I have a book in progress called Aunt Marge (possible cover above). It's women's fiction, focused on Gwen, a Chicago resident who gets herself all messed up due to a series of tragic events. Her aunt, a woman unknown to Gwen until her crises come to a head and she overdoses, offers to take her to her farm in Michigan's U.P. to recover. Gwen is grateful, but she soon figures out that Aunt Marge is no kindly soul, and there's lots going on up there that isn't exactly normal. I got the first draft back from the editor recently. She liked it but had many suggestions for improvement, and I saw that she was right in almost every instance. So that's my current goal: getting Aunt Marge in shape. While the editor was working on that book, I started another one I'm calling Fake. I love the concept, and I managed to get a rough rough draft done before Aunt Marge came home. That one's probably a ye