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Apr 13, 2015

Freebie Day 3: April 13, 2015

Her Majesty’s Mischief

Want 2 free copies of this book? I'm giving away two books each day until the release of the 3rd Dead Detective Mystery, DEAD FOR THE SHOW, on April 20. The books are mixed up, so if you want a specific title, watch this spot daily until the one you want shows up. Then respond here or on Peg’s News on Facebook to be entered in the daily drawing.

Yesterday's winner is  Lori C.N. Congratulations!
NOTE: This one isn’t out yet, so you’ll have to wait until I get copies, May-ish.

Book #4 of the Simon & Elizabeth series
Setting: Tudor London & Scotland
Elizabeth I sends her loyal friend Simon to Scotland to bring back an honest assessment of Mary, Queen of Scots. While Simon’s away, his wife and son get into hot water trying to solve a murder. Nobody has a good time for a while, but things work out in the end.

Check out DEAD FOR THE SHOW on Amazon, where it's up for pre-order for Kindle and will be available in print one week from today! 

Dec 6, 2014

Gifting Headaches & a Possible Solution

Something I don't like about Christmas is the pressure to find the perfect gift for everyone. No one I know needs another sweater, scarf, or relaxing foot massager. If they did, they'd go buy it. What do I buy that my loved one will actually like, so I don't get that glazed look that says "This is going in a closet and never coming out again"?

Shopping for readers is a little easier, because they're always looking for a good book.  If a book is a great gift, why not 3 books? Where else can you buy someone hours of entertainment for such a reasonable price?
With a little diligent searching, I found sturdy boxes that can serve as both mailers and gift wrap, so here's the deal:

3 Historical Mysteries for $53.00 (Left side of pic above)
   Her Highness' First Murder
   Poison, Your Grace
   The Lady Flirts with Death
The Simon & Elizabeth series is critically acclaimed and comes in beautiful hardcovers with dust jackets. The fourth book will be out in June of 2015, just in time for your reader to be ready for another Tudor era adventure!

3 Loser Mysteries (complete set) for $33.00 (Right side)
   Killing Silence
   Killing Memories
   Killing Despair  
Loser's story (in trade paperback) unfolds in 3 books that trace her return to a (somewhat) normal life after months spent living on the streets of Richmond, Virginia. As Loser solves crimes for others, readers learn why she's homeless. In the end we cheer her on as she faces her demons and solves the crime at the heart of her own tragedy.

Each book in the set will be signed, and if you want a personal inscription, just say so and give an idea of what you'd like. For example: Merry Christmas, Uncle Jack, Love Millie. 
Payment may be Paypal or by check.
Price includes shipping; please tell me which series you choose and include the address where you'd like them sent.
Email address is below where it says Contact Peg. Please don't delay: time is short! 

How About a FREE Print Book?

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