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Jul 25, 2014

Taking Your Measure

These songs have measurements in the titles.

1. "I Love You a ____ & a ____" Doris Day
2. "60 ____ Man" Billy Ward & the Dominoes
3. "Eight ____ High" The Byrds
4. "____ in a Bottle" Jim Croce
5. "The ___ of the Cat" Al Stewart

1. Bushel/Peck
2. Minute
3. Miles
4. Time
5. Year

Jun 13, 2014

Today's Quiz: Waiting...and Waiting

 Since I haven't even got a release date for Killing Despair, I'm waiting. I thought you might guess some songs about the process while we wait...and wait.

1. " ___ of Waiting" by the Kinks
2. "Slow-___" by Pee Wee King 
3. "I'd Wait A ____ Years" by the Grass Roots
4. "___ Won't Let Me" by the Outsiders
5. "It Must Be ___" by Vikki Carr

1. Tired
2. Poke
3. Million
4. Time 
5. Him 

Everybody Lies

    First, let me say I'm aware that I make things up for a living, so writing about lying is a little hypocritical. But I don't pre...