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You Know Where You Can Go!

Where does the song recommend you go? 1. "When you're alone and life is making you lonely..." Petula Clark 2. "So if your baby's left you..." Elvis 3. "If you're blue and you don't know where to go to..." Young Frankenstein for one 4. "___ ___ is the scene you should make..." The Cowsills 5. "Take your troubles to the ____" Elvis again Answers: 1. Downtown www. youtube .com/watch?v=Zx06XNfDvk0 2. Heartbreak Hotel 3. (Putting on) the Ritz 4. Indian Lake 5. Chapel

Listen to Your Mother!

Songs about Mama: 1. "Mama Said There'd Be ___ ___ ___" The Shirelles 2. "Mama Told Me ___ ___ ___" Three Dog Night 3. "___ ___ Mama" Cabaret 4. "Mama's Got a ____" The Who 5. "The Last of the ___ ___ Mamas"  Sophie Tucker Answers: 1. Days Like This 2.  Not to Come 3. Don't Tell 4. Squeeze Box 5. Red Hot

By Train or By Bus

Here are some songs that are about travel by train or bus, which is how we saw Grand Canyon last week. We took the GC Railway from Williams, AZ, into the park, took a bus tour of the high points, and then had a day to explore on our own before taking the train back to Williams. We highly recommend it! 1. Train: "____ Island Line" (Johnny Cash) 2. Bus "Thank God and ____" (Roy Clark) 3. Train "City of ___ ___" (Arlo Guthrie) 4. Train "The ___ Train" (Duke Ellington) 5. Train "Engine Engine # ___" (Roger Miller) Answers: 1. Rock 2. Greyhound  3. New Orleans 4. A 5. 9

"Farm" ing

In honor of my delightful visit to Birchwood Farms Golf & Country Club yesterday, songs about farms. 1. "How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm (after they've seen ____)?" 2. "Thank God I'm ___ ___ ___!" 3. "Out Behind the ___" 4. "The farmer said to the ___ ___, 'Why'd you pick my farm?" 5. "She Thinks My ____ ___" Answers 1. Paree 2. A Country Boy 3. Barn  4. Boll Weevil 5. Tractor's Sexy

Songs about Songs

Name the artist associated with the titles of songs that mention songs. 1. "Silly Love Songs" 2. "Song Sung Blue" 3. "Never-ending Love for You" 4. "With a Song in My Heart" 5. "I've Got a Name" Answers: 1. Paul McCartney & Wings 2. Neil Diamond 3. Various, but this one is George Jones & Tammy Wynette 4. Again, various, but this one's Doris Day 5. Jim Croce

Water, Water Everywhere...

Songs that mention water or bodies of same. 1. "____ River" Suicide spot? 2. "How High's the Water, ___?" Family discussion 3. "____Lake" The place to be for summer sun 4. "Moonlight ___" Voices singing about sticking around 5. "A Sleepy ___" Night on a tropical island Answers: 1. Moody 2. Momma 3. Indian 4. Bay 5. Lagoon
Fill in the titles to songs that ask the burning question: WHY? 1. "Why __  __ __ __ Love?" Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers 2. "Why __ __ __ __ You?" Reba 3. "Why __ __ __ You?" Showboat 4. "Why __ __ __...?" My Fair Lady 5. "Why __ __ __ __?" War Answers: 1. "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" 2. "Why Haven't I Heard from You?" 3. "Why Do I Love You?" 4. "Why Can't the English...?" 5. "Why Can't We Be Friends?"


1. An Irishman with a short temper "...left the barber shop with tonic on his hair..." 2. A chick in a black bikini who "must be a magic genie." 3. A sound effect in a novelty song about a mysterious item nobody wants around. 4. About a girl whose "shoes paddy-whack in the front and the back..." 5. "Hallelujah--the question is peculiar..." Answers: 1. "Clancy Lowered the Boom" 2. "Chick-A-Boom"     3. "The Thing" 4. "Chicka-Boom" 5. "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?"

Rhymes with 'Remember'

Songs that mention September: 1. "Oh, it's a long, long time, from May to December..." 2. "I'll be alone each and every night, while you're away, don't forget to write." 3. "Do you remember?" 4. "...when you were a tender and callow fellow." 5. "Stay for just a while..." Answers: 1. "September Song" Frank Sinatra 2. "See you in September" The Happenings www. you 3. "September" Earth, Wind & Fire 4. "Try to Remember" Jerry Orbach!! 5. "September Morn" Neil Diamond www. youtube .com/watch?v=aVLonpBtkH0

They Come in Threes

Each song has to do with three. 1. "We do everything alike/ We look alike/We walk alike, we talk alike, and what is more we hate each other very much... 2. "And what I feel in my heart, they say sincerely..." 3. "Thanks for the times that you've given me..." 4. "...we've danced the whole night through..." 5. "Hey, girl, what you doin' down there?"  Answers: 1. "Triplets" 2. "Three Little Words" 3. "Three Times a Lady" 4. "Three O'clock in the Morning"  5. "Knock Three Times" www. youtube .com/watch?v=k7Jvsbcxunc (I'm willing to bet Tony HATES this video!)

Ode to Billy Joel

Fill in the lyrics to Billy's songs. (BTW, it was REALLY hard for me to pick only five!) 1. "You had to be a ___ ___, didn't ya?" 2. "What's the matter with the clothes I'm wearing? Can't you tell that your ___ ___ ___?" 3. "We met as soulmates on Parris Island. We left as ___  ___ ___ ___." 4 ."In the middle of the night, I go ___ ___ ___ ___." 5. "If you said goodbye to me tonight, there would still be ___ ___ ___ ___" Answers: 1. "Big Shot" 2. tie's too wide "Still Rock & Roll to Me" 3. from an asylum "Goodnight Saigon" 4. walking in my sleep "The River of Dreams" 5. music left to write  "The Longest Time"

Polite Songs

These songs have "please" and "thank you" just like your parents taught you! 1. The Beatles: "Why do I always have to say, Love? ___  ___ ___" 2. Jim Croce: "Thank you for your time, Well, you've been so much more than kind." ___ 3. The Marvelettes: "Please, ___ ___, look and see." 4. Andrew Gold: "Thank You for ___ ___ ___" 5. Bob Hope: "Thanks for ___ ___" 1. "Please Please Me" 2." Operator" 3. Mr. Postman    4. Being a Friend www. you 5. The Memory    

True Colors

What hair or eye color is mentioned in these songs? 1. "___ Is the Color of My True Love's Hair" 2. "There runs Mary, hair of ___ and lips like cherries..." 3. "___ -Eyed Lady" 4. "Has Anybody Seen My Gal?" 5. "___-Eyed Girl" Answers: 1. Black 2. gold "The Green, Green Grass of Home" 3. Green 4. eyes of blue 5. Brown

Body Parts

Sorry. That's what came to mind. Maybe too many CSI reruns! 1. What do you get from working your fingers to the bone, according to Hoyt Axton? 2. What do the Eagles contend you can't hide? 3. What have no rhythm, according to George Michael? 4. What can't Sir Mix-a-Lot lie about liking? 5. What body part is Little Anthony  apparently leaving behind? Answers: 1. Bony Fingers 2. Lyin' Eyes 3. guilty feet (from "Careless Whisper") 4. big butts (from "Baby Got Back") 5.his head ("Going Out of My Head");_ylt=A2KLqIKeZPdT1WsAZFX7w8QF

When Was That?

1. Anxious girl asks, "Will You ___ ___ ___ Tomorrow?" 2. Depressed Beatle believes in "___" 3. Lots of ticking rhythm in "___ ___ Come Today." 4. Chad & Jeremy lament that "Yesterday's ___" 5. But you should never doubt that "The ___  ___  ___ ___ Tomorrow!" 1. Still Love Me www. you 2. Yesterday 3. Time Has Come 4. Gone 5. sun will come out

The Upper Class of Jim

What's the song about Jim or Jimmy... 1. In which the untimely death of an agricultural titan is celebrated by employee misbehavior and lack of concern. 2. In which the speaker wonders about the return of her lover, fearing she'll be distracted by a rival suitor. 3. In which the tragic death of a societal outcast is brought about by parental interference. 4. In which the life of a simply country boy is chronicled by harmonious church instruments. 5. In which a locally-known criminal is brought to justice in a seedy billiards parlor. 1. "Jimmy Crack Corn" (Smothers Brothers' version) 2. "Jimmy Mack" 3. "Leader of the Pack" 4. "The Bells" 5. "Don't Mess Around with Jim"

Let's Get This Party STARTed!

1. The Stones: "Start ___ ___" 2. Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme: "This Could Be the Start of ___ ___" 3. Billy Joel: "We Didn't Start ___ ___" 4. The Bee Gees: "I Started a ___" 5. John Lennon: "Just Like Starting ___"   Answers: 1. Me Up 2. Something Big 3. the Fire 4. Joke 5. Over

Quiz: Two Songs, One Name

1. "Mr. ___" and "Stagger ___" 2. "___, Get Angry" and "____ B. Goode" 3. "___ O' My Heart" and "___ (it will come back to you)" 4. "___'s Girl" and "Me and ___ McGee" 5. "___, ___ (where you goin' to?)" and "Along Came ___"                             Out Now:  Amazon Kindle- NookBook- Print versions on their way... Answers: 1. Lee www. youtube .com/watch?v=FCPutYaGFlE   2. Johnny   3. Peg 4. Bob

The World Is Too Much With Us

The title above is a quote from a poem by Wordsworth. If you think the modern world is worse than the world of yesterday, look at the poem and see what he said of his own time, around 1800. But that's not a quiz. This is a quiz: 1. "Hey, did you happen to see the ___ ___ ___ in the World?" Charlie Rich 2. "Around the world, I ___ ___ ___" Frank Sinatra 3. "Don't they know it's ___ ___ of the world?" Skeeter Davis 4. "He's Got the Whole World ___ ___ ___" Kids' song 5. "My world is ___ ___ ___" The Supremes Answers: 1. Most Beautiful Girl 2. searched for you 3. the end 4. in His Hands 5. Empty Without You

Hot Shots: Songs About Guns

Songs about Guns 1. "The Gun, the Gun, the Gun, the Gun, the Gun..." from what musical? 2. Who's got a gun, according to Aerosmith? 3. "I Didn't Know the Gun ___  ___" 4. "Big Iron ___  ___  ___" Marty Robbins 5. "Don't Take Your Guns ___   ____, Son" Johnny Cash 1. Chicago 2. Janie 3. Was Loaded 4. on His Hip 5. to Town