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Recap: Alpena Book Festival

It was great! Good weather, great fans, knowledgeable authors, and wonderful downtown businesses, especially our sponsors: Blue Phoenix Books, Olivet Book & Give, and the George M. Fletcher Library! But I won't tell you: I'll show you!  Volunteers make an event, and we had some great ones, including S-in-Law Julie and her niece Skyla, who took these pics.  Other helpers P.J. & Kaylee had a bit of trouble with tangled balloons.  Loved what Allen & Goel Marketing Company did with the tote bags.  Author Elizabeth Buzzelli shares a laugh with a fan.  Bob of Bob's Bullpen demonstrates some facets of graphic arts.  "My Favorite Book" tree  Love to see a kid enjoying a book! Panel at Blue Phoenix Books: What Makes a Genre, and Which Ones Do You Read? l to r: Christine Johnson, Connie Doherty, P.J. Coldren, Laura Kolar, Chris Chagnon  Signing for Clarence, a voracious reader and nice man.  Author Susan Froetschel with a new f

Saturday, Sept. 26: Alpena Book Festival

Welcome to the Alpena Book Festival! All visitors who register for the ABF will receive a free Passport. At each panel or participating business they visit, they’ll get a stamp on their Passport. A completed Passport (10 stamps) enters the visitor into a drawing for baskets of prizes donated by authors, publishers, and Downtown businesses. Visitors who donate to READ* ($10.00 suggested donation) receive a tote bag filled with books and other freebies. Tickets found in the tote bags can be used to enter drawings for additional prize baskets. Tickets can be purchased separately, but the tote bags are a great deal. Sessions listed below are open to all, but space might be limited. All sessions run 50 minutes, leaving 10 minutes to get to the next one. Authors will return to the bookstore that has their books after their sessions to meet readers and sign. 10:00 Panel discussion: Stories That Inspire-Olivet Book & Gift Panelists: Christine Johnson/ Zachary Bartels/D