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Your Social Circle

I heard a theory long ago about circles. The idea is that we each have around us imaginary circles that contain people we allow in and therefore care about. Your family is probably your innermost circle, at least some of them. Friends come in over our lifetimes; some leave, some stay. Some make it to that innermost circle; many remain in the second or third one out. The people in your circles are the ones you would defend, the ones you care about. The closer they are to your inner circle, the more you would do for them. That's great. The problem with circles is that while there's an inside, there's also an outside. Those outside your circles are less important. Their lives matter less. For example, if your child were on your left side, about to be run over by a bus, and if a child you've never seen before were on your right in the same danger, which one would you save? Nature doesn't tell us which life is more important. Only the circles you've drawn for y