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We're All Patriots

One of my kids faced an athlete in high school who was pretty much equal in athletic talent. The rivalry between the two was fierce through all four years, but it happened they both went to the same college after graduation. With common goals and the home town us-versus-them mentality removed, they became friends, finding a lot to like in each other and able to recognize their similarities. The same thing happened to me as a teen. A girl from another town was the sometime date of a guy I also dated on and off. In time we all moved on to other relationships, and once the competition was over, the girl and I found that we really liked each other. Humans, like other creatures, get pretty territorial, which can make us act in bizarre and unhealthy ways. We refuse to admit to any weaknesses on our own part or any strengths on the part of others. We get pushy, bragging about being Number One when there's actually no such thing. Everyone has good and bad traits: every person, team, scho