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Clothes Named For People

1. A British waterproof overcoat 2. A unisex skin-tight one-piece garment that covers the torso but leaves the legs free 3. A swimsuit that generally consists of a tank-style torso top with high-cut legs 4. A knitted jacket or button-front sweater created to keep British soldiers warm in Russian winters 5. A hat with a wide brim to shield the wearer from the sun's rays . Answers: 1. The Mackintosh is named after its Scottish inventor Charles Macintosh. 2. A leotard is a unisex skin-tight one-piece garment that covers the torso but leaves the legs free. It was made famous by the French acrobatic performer Jules LĂ©otard (1838–1870). 3. Maillot is the fashion designer's name for a woman's one-piece swimsuit, also called a tank suit. 4. The cardigan , named for James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, who led the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War (1854). 5. The Stetson hat is named after the founder of the John B. Stetson Company.

Today's Quiz: Waiting...and Waiting

 Since I haven't even got a release date for Killing Despair , I'm waiting. I thought you might guess some songs about the process while we wait...and wait. 1. " ___ of Waiting" by the Kinks 2. "Slow-___" by Pee Wee King  3. "I'd Wait A ____ Years" by the Grass Roots 4. "___ Won't Let Me" by the Outsiders 5. "It Must Be ___" by Vikki Carr Answers: 1. Tired  www. you 2. Poke 3. Million 4. Time  5. Him 

What's Cooking?

Many authors have success with mysteries that include great dinner recipes. You won't see that from me, since I've never been fond of cooking. (Now, baking is another story!) Anyway, today we're checking your knowledge of soups/stews: What's the main ingredient? 1. Bouillabaisse 2. Gaspacho 3. Borscht 4.Avgolemono 5. Menudo Answers 1. Fish 2. Tomato base w/vegetables 3. Beets 4. Egg/lemon 5. Beef stomach

A "Take a Break" Quiz

Let's go for artists today: Who's most associated with this song? 1. "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" 2. "Break My Stride" 3. "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" 4. "Don't Break the Heart That Loves You" 5. "Break on Through (to the Other Side)" Answers 1. Elton John & KiKi Dee 2. Matthew Wilder 3. Neil Sedaka 4. Connie Francis 5. The Doors

"Where's That Book?" You Might Ask

Coming Spring of 2014 (I was told!) I've been asked many, many times in the last few months about upcoming books, with good reason. My last book released some time ago, and some fans have even asked if I'd stopped writing. No. (Couldn't do it if I wanted to, because my brain keeps sending out ideas.) What's happened is the slow publishing industry, which is frustrating for me as well as my readers. Months ago I submitted the next Dead Detective, the next Loser, and the next Simon & Elizabeth to my publishers. They're in various stages of production, with Loser #3 likely to be the next release. No date's been given for the 3rd dead detectives (and no reason why it isn't moving along). The date for Simon's fourth adventure is 2015, due to some issues at the publisher that have nothing to do with me. I know. It's frustrating. Most people know very little about how a book goes from manuscript to book, and most don't care, except when it