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30 Days of Christmas-DAY FOUR

Barb's Christmas Memories I remember Christmas. We always went to our grandparents’ house for dinner. The times I remember best were when Faye and I were around eight and nine. Our cousins were all boys, and they lived in faraway Muskegon, so we seldom saw them. They were rough-and-tumble types, and I never enjoyed their company much, though Faye was always willing to play Monkey in the Middle or King of the Hill with them. Dad and Uncle Marv, the sons-in-law, sat in the living room, smoking and swapping stories with Grandpa Lemmon. Mom, Aunt Marilyn, and Grandma worked together in the kitchen, each preparing her signature dishes. Grandma cooked the turkey, filling it with spicy stuffing and making delicious gravy from the drippings. Mom liked to do the salads, and I would help her clean and slice vegetables for tossed salad, pasta salad, potato salad, broccoli salad, and fruit salad. Aunt Mar was the side dish expert, and she’d bring a squash to roast, her fam

30 Days of Christmas-Day Three

Here's our first contest of the 30 Days of Christmas. It's a test of how well you know my books (and that other woman's too). Answer the five questions. Send your answers by email to If you get them all right, you'll be entered to win the book of your choice by Peg or Maggie in e-book or print format. 1. What is Loser's hometown? 2. What type of hat does Seamus always wear? 3. What is Rory Neuencamp's job title? 4. How did Simon Maldon meet his future wife? 5. What does Sarah Leigh do for a living?

30 Days of Christmas-DAY TWO

Today I'm challenging you. Tell me: Is your pet on Santa's Naughty List or his Nice list? This is Burt. He's on the Nice List because he's so patient with his pet girl.

30 Days of Christmas DAY ONE

We'll start with a giveaway--How's that for getting in the Christmas spirit? I have 2 copies of HER MAJESTY'S MISCHIEF in large print to give away . If you have someone on your Christmas list who needs/prefers large print , here's a chance to get them Book #4 of the Simon & Elizabeth series. What do you do? If you're signed up for my newsletter, just say so in the comments below and I'll put your name in the drawing for one of the books. If you're not signed up for my newsletter, you can sign up below.   (You might want to know that I only send a newsletter when I have a new book coming out, and I'll   never give your name/email to anyone else.) If your name is drawn I'll contact you and you can decide if you want the book mailed to you or directly to the person on your gift list (personalized, of course!. Once you're signed up, you'll also be eligible for freebies I plan to send out after Christmas, so you can ge

Coming Up: 30 Days of Christmas

Starting November 25, you'll want to check this blog every day. I'm planning 30 Days of Christmas, a countdown to the holiday that is sure to make you merry. (Maggie and I are collaborating) Giveaways Pet Stories Contests Character-Written Posts Author Spotlights ...and anything else we can think of! So starting Wednesday, Nov. 25th, check here every day for something to warm your heart and boost your Christmas spirit!