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You Think YOU'Re Confused...

Some days my head spins! For those who've asked, here's what's new/changed with my books. Shakespeare's Blood has a new cover and a sequel, Charlie Dickens' Documents. Both stories involve Mercedes, an American who gets into all sorts of trouble in the UK. Like other suspense novels, this one is less "Whodunit?" and more "Will she make it?" There's lots to be revealed, and the clock is ticking. My English teacher background crops up in the focus on two giants of literature, and I had great fun weaving tidbits of their lives into the lively escape-or-we'll-be-dead plot. Becky Boyd, Voice Actress The Loser Mysteries are now mine again, after five years with a publishing house. I've put new covers on them and have some beta readers at work seeking out those last few errors that seem to creep in any time an author re-opens a file, like extra pages or spaces or lines that break for no