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Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

So here's the new cover: better, I say! A few months ago my newest book, , was released. I had worked with the cover artist, who was very good about doing what I thought I wanted. I wish she'd been a little bossier. The author is usually asked what she pictures, and I had a vision. The only problem was, I'm not very good at vision. No artist's eye. No ability to see what the prospective reader will see--and deduce about the book. I imagined how cool it would be to have all the main characters pictured in front of the house they end up living in. I included the van they use for kidnapping bad guys. I thought it gave a good sense of the story. What I got was more Scooby Doo than kidnap capers. Yeah, it's cute, but the spookiness of the house and the cartoonish characters say the wrong thing to readers. When I ask audiences for an impression of the book I get, "Young adult, right?" Um, no. It's a caper novel, meaning the characte