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Mar 9, 2015

Not Exactly a Book Tour

In the minds of many, a book tour is a glamorous thing, but like most everything else, reality is more prosaic than poetic. There are authors who draw crowds of adoring fans, like Rick Castle always does on the TV show. (BTW, I wish I had a quarter for every time someone asked me if I think Nathan Fillion really writes those books. PulEEZE!)
Most of us don't draw crowds; in fact, we're happy for every person that shows up. A speaker at Sleuthfest, the conference I attended in Florida last week, described arriving at a bookstore to find every audience chair filled, only to have them empty when it was announced over the loudspeaker that his presentation was about to start. He learned the homeless of the area were allowed to come in out of the cold and sit in the chairs, but they knew they had to leave when his talk began. Not only did he have an audience of only one person, he was responsible for the rest being tossed out into the cold!
People also imagine that publishers arrange tours for authors. They think we're met by limo drivers and escorted by publicists. That's true for a few, but most of us arrange our own events, and it's getting harder and harder. Bookstores are struggling financially, and some now charge authors a fee for a signing. And with library funds slashed, don't expect much in the way of remuneration there.
Fun with the "sexiest men at SF"
What I did for the last few weeks was in no way a tour. We wanted to escape the cold, and we hadn't been to Florida for several years. I signed up for Sleuthfest in Deerfield Beach, knowing it was a nice conference in a great area. As part of the con I did some instruction and some introductions, and I met a lot of really nice people.
Afterwards we drove north to Lake Alfred, to a library that's been transformed since I last saw it. Due to a generous donation from an unassuming gentleman, the town now has a new building that's everything a small library could hope for. The people there were so nice I felt pampered, even spoiled, and we had a great day, a lovely lunch, and few laughs together.
How nice to have my books featured at Lake Alfred!
That was the tour part. I didn't schedule more events, because we were supposed to be vacationing.
Lake Alfred's Clever Mystery Spot
 John's very patient with my "job stuff," but it's no fun for him to wait around in a hotel room or drive around large cities by himself while I talk, talk, talk about books and writing. We turned to things we both like to do: Busch Gardens, a Tigers game, and the Plant City Strawberry Festival. We once had a house near there, and it was fun to go back, though we found that the house itself has been torn down. Now we're back in Michigan, with snow instead of 80+ temps. As they say, it's good to get away, and great to get back home.
Intriguing art shop in New Smyrna Beach
John checking out the fauna at Busch Gardens

Mar 2, 2015

What Writers Talk About

Looking way too serious before the panel
If you're not a writer, don't ever get caught in a group of them. The discussions are never-ending, and we love them, even if we've heard them a thousand times before.
I sat on a panel Saturday that discussed writers' dilemmas and how to solve them. After sharing a few of our own problem areas, we asked the audience to share theirs.
We could have stayed all day.
The funny thing is that in the final analysis, they're the same. How to overcome a stalled story (I recommend a break, even if it takes a week or two). How to cut to a reasonable word count (I listen to the MS read by my computer. Others read it aloud to themselves or to others). How to beef up a MS that's too short (I added a subplot; others add a secondary character). How to recognize your "personal errors," those things we all do that irritate readers (I use SmartEdit, which points out how many times I used the word just or how many sentences I started with I). And how to make your characters behave (You can't. You can only react to what they've done, sometimes with horror).
What's great about such discussions isn't the sage advice the other panel members and I gave. Yes, maybe we've been at this longer and have worked out some strategies, but we're all in this together. My editors still point out things they've been pointing out for years, things I should be able to see but don't because I'm working so hard to get the story
written down.
So authors talk about writing. We trade ideas. We give enthusiastic synopses of our projects. We ask questions.
And we go away fueled up to go at it again--writing the great American mystery novel.

Dec 31, 2014

A Conference for Writers

I'm a member of EPIC, the Electronically Published 
Internet Coalition. I've only been 
to this conference once, but it was productive,
 and I love San Antonio. They're a great
group, so I told them I'd help with publicity. (TA-DA!) 
Please join us in the lovely city of San Antonio,
 Texas for EPICon 2015

*EPICon- Bringing ePublishing Partners Together*

 March 13-14th, 2015

The Menger Hotel, San Antonio, TX

Sponsored by the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition


Enjoy two days of all things ePublishing. With workshops
 for any author or
publishing professional, this short period will be packed
 with information,
news, and most importantly: education. Authors, old and new,
 will have the
opportunity to learn about small press ePublishing and network with
publishers, editors, and experienced published authors.

For 2015, we have a full schedule of educational and informative workshops
for authors and publishers, with guest speakers like David Wilk, Carol
Berg, and many others. This action-packed two day conference will end with
the annual Award Banquet where we will honor authors and cover artists.

Our venue will be the Menger Hotel. With 150 years of history, it is a must
see in the beautiful San Antonio. Two blocks from the vibrant River Walk,
it is the border between San Antonio’s colorful past and it’s cosmopolitan

Registration this year will be $224 for members, and $249 for nonmembers.
This will include the workshops, breakfast buffets for both days, guest
speaker lunches for both days and the banquet on Saturday evening.

This year we are also offering add on options for the Thursday before the
conference.  These options are:

            Publishers’ Intensive Luncheon                  $20

*   Taking the Mystery out of Ebook Self-Publishing: A Guide for Publishers*

Evening Dinner
Tour                                                $35

*A dinner cruise along the beautiful San Antonio River as it weaves its way
through the historic Riverwalk.*

Room rates are*:

One King Bed                                                $110.00/night

Two Double Beds                              $110.00/night

*Rates are set by hotel for the EPICon convention. Rates apply by room, not
by person.  For other room options and price listings please go to the
Menger website at

While you are thinking about registration, this is a great time to consider
EPIC membership, if you are not a member already, since the membership cost
will practically pay for itself in the discount for the event.

For more information about the conference or how you might participate
(vendor, promotional materials, sponsorships or as an industry
professional), visit or contact Kim Wollenburg
at *

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