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Having Fun on Shakespeare's 400th

To celebrate Shakespeare’s brilliance and honor  the  400th anniversary of his death,  4 mystery authors  share their  contemporary novels connected to the Bard.                       MACDEATH, mystery by Cindy Brown.“A gut-splitting mystery…a hilarious riff on the Scottish play (*Mystery Magazine*). When actress Ivy Meadows scores her first big break as an acrobatic witch in a circus-themed production of *Macbeth, *she forgets all about the famous curse*--*until one of the cast dies on opening night.   PLAN X by Lise McClendon - A quick and thoughtful thriller that takes  Officer Cody Byrne around the globe in a series of murderous twists that include  shocking personal discovery, Shakespearean drama and royal connections that  she never could have seen coming. - Indie Reader   NINE DAYS TO EVIL, psychological suspense by Nancy G. West. A newly  wed graduate student studies Shakespeare and