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Lucky 7?

These songs all have 7 in their titles. 1. "77 _____  ____ (snap, snap)" old TV show 2. "Seven _____   ____" the Eagles 3. "The Seven Deadly ____" Camelot song 4. "The Seventh ____" Johnny Rivers 5. "At Seven____" Janis Ian Answers: 1. Sunset Strip 2. Bridges Road 3. Virtues 4. Son 5. teen

Taking Your Measure

These songs have measurements in the titles. 1. "I Love You a ____ & a ____" Doris Day 2. "60 ____ Man" Billy Ward & the Dominoes 3. "Eight ____ High" The Byrds 4. "____ in a Bottle" Jim Croce 5. "The ___ of the Cat" Al Stewart Answers: 1. Bushel/Peck 2. Minute 3. Miles 4. Time 5. Year

Where Do You Live?

Songs About Home 1. "___ ___'s Not My Home" Jim Croce 2. "Home on ___ ___" cowboy song 3. "Homeward ____" Simon & Garfunkel 4. "When ____ Comes Marching Home" Civil War song 5. "Sweet Home ____" Lynyrd Skynyrd 1. New York 2. the Range 3. Bound 4. Johnny 5. Alabama

Work on This

What work is being done in the songs below? 1. "Workin' My Way ___  ___  ___" The Four Seasons 2. "Workin' in a ___  ___" Lee Dorsey 3. "She Works Hard ___ ___ ___" Donna Summer 4. "(Steadily depressing, low-down, mind-messing) Working at the ___ ___ ___" Jim Croce 5. "Workin' for a ____" Huey Lewis & the News Answers: 1. Back to You www. you 2. Coal Mine 3. for the Money 4. Car Wash Blues 5. Living

Today's Quiz: Bells

1. What kind of blues does Bill give the 5th Dimension's Marilyn McCoo? 2. Who stole the wedding bell, according to Eartha Kitt? 3. In Guys & Dolls how does Sarah feel? 4. What goes along with "one less egg to fry" for the 5th Dimension? 5.Where did AC/DC go to hear bells? Answers: 1. "Wedding Bell Blues" 2. Somebody bad 3. "If I Were a Bell I'd Be Ringing" 4. "One Less Bell to Answer" 5. Hell

Loser Mystery #3 and Dead Detectives, Too

I know I've said it before, but it looks like this time Loser #3* really will release on August 9. If you're signed up for my newsletter (below on the right side), you'll be reminded when it's available on Amazon, and I'll post on FB when I have actual copies in O-town and for signings. My itinerary is posted here, just above this box, so you can track me down in various places if you want a personalized copy. *Killing Despair is the third and probably final book in the Loser Mysteries. Though I love Loser and have enjoyed sharing her adventures, right now there's no continuation that does her justice in my head. I refuse to write a book just because a series is doing well, because it's too easy to get stale and repetitive. Loser was broken in Killing Silence, better but a long way from healed in Killing Memories . In Killing Despair she faces the things that almost destroyed her and comes to a sense of peace about it all. I hope you have enjoyed her jo

Today's Quiz: Waterways

Easy one! Name the waterway. 1. "You always know your neighbor...if you ever navigated on the ____  _____." 2. "There's Cleo and me-o and the baby crocodile, we live on the ____  ____..." 3. "____ ____ is in my blood, the place I love." 4. "Oh, Shenandoah, I long to see you, Across the Wide ___" 5. "You were sixteen, my village queen, down by the old ____  ____" Answers: 1. Eric Canal    "Low Bridge" (aka "The Erie Canal Song") 2. Allegheny River    "Cleo and Me-o" 3. "Yellow River" by Christie 4. Missouri  5. Mill Stream