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The World Is Too Much With Us

The title above is a quote from a poem by Wordsworth. If you think the modern world is worse than the world of yesterday, look at the poem and see what he said of his own time, around 1800. But that's not a quiz. This is a quiz: 1. "Hey, did you happen to see the ___ ___ ___ in the World?" Charlie Rich 2. "Around the world, I ___ ___ ___" Frank Sinatra 3. "Don't they know it's ___ ___ of the world?" Skeeter Davis 4. "He's Got the Whole World ___ ___ ___" Kids' song 5. "My world is ___ ___ ___" The Supremes Answers: 1. Most Beautiful Girl 2. searched for you 3. the end 4. in His Hands 5. Empty Without You

*Killing Despair* Countdown

The third Loser Mystery, Killing Despair , launches on August 9th from LL-Publications. (Trust me; I'll remind you when it's available and post the buy-links!) Loser returns to Richmond in Book #3, drawn there by new information about the murders of her husband and child three years earlier. Once there, she becomes a suspect in a current murder and must disappear into the world of street people, sleeping in alleys and hiding in the places no one goes. This time, however, Loser has more than her street friends for help. This time she might find the truth and escape her despair--if she survives. The books in this series ( Killing Silence, Killing Memories , and Killing Despair) were compelling stories for me to write, and fans tell me they are compelling reads as well. Loser is one of my more intriguing characters, difficult to write in many ways (like not talking much) but also very real to me. After three books, I'm done with her for a while, but there might be a time

Hot Shots: Songs About Guns

Songs about Guns 1. "The Gun, the Gun, the Gun, the Gun, the Gun..." from what musical? 2. Who's got a gun, according to Aerosmith? 3. "I Didn't Know the Gun ___  ___" 4. "Big Iron ___  ___  ___" Marty Robbins 5. "Don't Take Your Guns ___   ____, Son" Johnny Cash 1. Chicago 2. Janie 3. Was Loaded 4. on His Hip 5. to Town