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What Do Authors Do For Fun?

If you know someone who writes, you might have noticed her idea of fun is different from that of other people. An invitation to go shopping might be answered with, "I have a chapter that just won't work out right, so I think I'll stay home and work on it." Conversations all turn into analyses of publishing. And don't think about asking what she's working on if you don't have half an hour to listen to the Next Great Idea. Two things authors enjoy are talking about books with other readers and talking about books with other writers. I did both those things recently, so I count it as a great week. First, I visited Petrolia, Ontario, where a lively group of readers listened to my spiel on mysteries, offering their own suggestions as we went. The library is in an old train station, and the town itself is charming. I highly recommend visiting, and I have promised to return (in summer, of course. Everything is better in summer!) The Petrolia visit was