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It's the Weekend, So...Warriors?

1. Who fought whom in Queen Anne's War? 2. What race of angry folk opposed the Star Tre k crew in the early days? 3. The battles in Watership Down were between what animal tribes? 4. What bestial race preyed on the Eloi in The Time Machine ? 5. What two gangs face off in West Side Story ? Answers: 1. The French (+allies) and the British (+allies) 2. Klingons 3. rabbits 4. Morlocks 5. Sharks & Jets

Will You Repeat That? Bad Songs

Okay, we admit these songs aren't all that bad, but WHY so much repetition? You can guess the singer, if you like. 1. "My Sweet Lord"(or "Got My Mind Set on You") 2."Motown Song" 3. "Happy" 4. "Where Did Our Love Go?" 5. "It Won't Be Long" Answers: 1. George Harrison 2. Rod Stewart 3. Pharrell Williams 4. The Supremes 5. The Beatles

Let's Get Physical!

1. " ____   _____ with Your Best Shot"  Pat Benatar 2. "Ain't that a ____ in the Head"  Dean Martin 3. "Another One _____  the ____" Queen 4. "The ____" Simon & Garfunkel 5. "_____ for Your Right (to Party) Beastie Boys Answers: 1. Hit Me 2. Kick 3. Bites/Dust   4. Boxer   4. Fight  

Bad Song Bits

To make this a quiz, you might figure out who was guilty of these vocal missteps. You might also list a few of your (least) favorites in the comments. 1. Adultery romanticized  "Me and Mrs. Jones" 2. Neglectful husband hits on secretary "Take a Letter, Maria" 3. Man expects furniture to be sentient  "I Am, I Said" (No one heard, not even the chair!) 4. Man blames wrong body part  "Careless Whispers" (We bet is wasn't his feet that were guilty of cheating.) 5. Worst verb usage ever "Play Me"  ("Songs she brang to me"...Really?) Artists: 1. Billy Paul 2. R.B. Greaves 3. Neil Diamond 4. George Michael 5. Neil again...He's got tons of hits, and then some that make you go "What???"

5 Mysteries You Might Like

Tuesday is Book Recommendation Day! The books listed here come randomly to the list, but they're all books I or someone in my team has read and liked. (I'm not big on cozies or noir, so I stick to the middle of the spectrum.) Here we do no "helping," recommending fellow authors in return for a blurb or a review. If it's here, I or a reader I trust would tell you, "That was a good book!" 1. Frog Music by Emma Donoghue set in Golden Age San Francisco, great characters and historical color 2. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon- I enjoy an unusual protagonist, and this one is exceptionally well done 3. The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly -Many people love the Harry Bosch mysteries, but Mickey the Lincoln Lawyer is good, too 4. Never Go Back by Lee Child - If you haven't met Jack Reacher, you'll have lots of other chances if you enjoy this one! 5. The Sleuth Sisters by Maggie Pill - A cozy mystery set in M