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Trip Through My Tale

  What's the next book?     FAKE When will it be ready?     September 1st What's it about?       Well...      I propose that we take a while to figure that out. I will try to entertain and enlighten you over the next four months--about once a week.  What will that entail?      Cover art      Character sketches      Plot teasers     Other fun stuff.  So let's begin!      The story is told by several characters. In the first section, "Fake" applies to the main character, Kip Morgan. That's not his real name, and he's not exactly an upstanding citizen. In fact, he makes his living   as a con artist. Kip is on the run from the Chicago cops when he sees an ad for an investigator. He figures he's perfect for the job, since he has valuable criminal experience...from the criminals' side. What has he got going for him?       Good looks, charm, family tradition, and chutzpah. What's against him?     We'll talk about that next week.  

Answers to All Life's Questions

  Just kidding, but here are the answers to the newsletter quiz from last week.  __7__What holiday song says to “put on your yarmulke”? __1__Which song describes water “like a stone”? _10___Which song do we associate with Charlie Brown? _5___Song to avoid to play Whamageddon. _8___In which song will we get pumpkin pie later? _2___Which song mentions rosy cheeks? _9___Song that mentions the hautbois (oboe) _4___Christmas wishes on steroids. _3___It should be tragic, but we laugh anyway. _6___Most popular Christmas carol in the U.S.   1.   “In the Bleak Midwinter” 2.   “Sleigh Ride” 3.   “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” 4.   “Santa Baby” 5.   “Last Christmas” 6.   “Silent Night” 7.   “The Hannukah Song” 8.   “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” 9.   “Il est nĂ©, le divin Enfant” 10. “Christmas Time Is Here”   Aunt Marge is getting good reviews from the pre-sales set, which makes my Christmas season a little brighter. One of my beta readers told

Here's Aunt Marge! Well, Almost

 Aunt Marge has been one of my longest thought-to-production books ever. Life kept interrupting, for one thing, a broken leg and a local situation that makes me leave my writer hat off for days while I work to protect the community I love. Add to that a complicated plot. As my editor said, there's a lot going on in this book, and I had to be sure it all made sense and led to a believable ending. As the story begins, Gwen finds herself in crisis. She's overdosed on prescription painkillers, partly because she fears her husband Jeff is cheating. When her aunt offers to take her to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to recuperate, it seems perfect. She'll get back her strength and kick the drug habit. And with her gone, Jeff will realize what he's missing.  The problem is that Marge's place, called Giiwe , is full of secrets. Marge shares nothing of herself, and her ward/farmhand Charlie seems nice until Gwen learns about his violent past. When she finds out the wo

How About a FREE Print Book?

Readers love book deals, right? Here’s the situation: I have books I didn’t sell, largely due to COVID. I’m not interested in doing live book events anymore. (Too much travel, too many lonely hours in a bookstore.) Therefore, I’m offering a deal, ONLY to loyal readers of my newsletters and blog. Below is a list of what I have in my home inventory. Some are later books in a series, but they don't depend on an earlier book to understand either the characters or the mystery. For the month of August, you can simply ask for a signed paperback copy of any book listed, and I’ll mail it to you FREE, for as long as the supply holds out. To take advantage of the deal: 1. Look over the list and choose a book. (Numbers are very limited, so don’t wait). 2. Send the title you’d like (Sorry, only one to a customer) and your mailing address to . Each series is featured on its own page here on the blog, so you can check to see whether you’ve read a book/series y