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Sep 16, 2014

Songs about Songs

Name the artist associated with the titles of songs that mention songs.

1. "Silly Love Songs"
2. "Song Sung Blue"
3. "Never-ending Love for You"
4. "With a Song in My Heart"
5. "I've Got a Name"

1. Paul McCartney & Wings
2. Neil Diamond
3. Various, but this one is George Jones & Tammy Wynette
4. Again, various, but this one's Doris Day
5. Jim Croce

May 28, 2014

Bad Song Bits

To make this a quiz, you might figure out who was guilty of these vocal missteps. You might also list a few of your (least) favorites in the comments.

1. Adultery romanticized  "Me and Mrs. Jones"
2. Neglectful husband hits on secretary "Take a Letter, Maria"
3. Man expects furniture to be sentient  "I Am, I Said" (No one heard, not even the chair!)
4. Man blames wrong body part  "Careless Whispers" (We bet is wasn't his feet that were guilty of cheating.)
5. Worst verb usage ever "Play Me"  ("Songs she brang to me"...Really?)

1. Billy Paul
2. R.B. Greaves
3. Neil Diamond
4. George Michael
5. Neil again...He's got tons of hits, and then some that make you go "What???"

Everybody Lies

    First, let me say I'm aware that I make things up for a living, so writing about lying is a little hypocritical. But I don't pre...