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Mary Who?

Mary seems to be a popular name in song titles. Which Mary song title goes with the line below? (Extra credit if you can name the artist!) 1. "...goodbye, heart!" 2. "Every now and then I spend my time at rhyme and verse..." 3. "For miles around they're waitin' to start the celebratin'..." 4. "People on the river are happy to give..." 5. "A man with money said, 'Come on, honey...'" Answers: 1. "Hello, Mary Lou" Ricky Nelson 2. "Along Comes Mary" The Association (This video is a hoot--They got old!) 3. "Mary Lou" Bing Crosby (No video available) 4. "Proud Mary" CCR 5. "Cherry Hill Park (Mary Hill) Billy Joe Royal
Today's Quiz: What Color Is It? 1. "A ____ Sport Coat & a ____Carnation" Marty Robbins 2. "____ Beret" Prince 3. "____ Velvet" Bobby Vinton 4. "Paint It ____" The Rolling Stones 5. "Jeremiah Peabody's (Polyunsaturated, Quick Dissolving, Fast Acting, Pleasant Tasting ) ____ & ____ Pills" Ray Stevens Answers: 1. White/Pink 2. Raspberry (no YouTube version) 3. Blue Velvet 4. Black 5. Green/Purple
Today's Quiz: Soft Stuff Name the artist most associated with these "soft" songs 1. "Killing Me Softly 2. "Softly, I Will Leave You" 3. "Soft Kitty" 4. "Come Softly to Me" 5. "Speak Softly, Love" Answers: 1. Roberta Flack 2. Frank Sinatra (version here is Matt Munro) 3. Sheldon Cooper (or Penny!) 4. The Fleetwoods 5. Andy Williams ( Godfather theme)

Lika a Wheel

 Today's Quiz: Wheels If you aren't lucky enough to be from Onaway, Michigan, you might need to know that each year our local metalworking company surprises the community with an amazing sculpture for the Fourth of July parade. (For more examples, look at The surprise for 2014 was a huge steering wheel, since Onaway was once the home of a large steering wheel factory and its slogan was "Onaway Steers the World." The wheel is currently on display at Moran's new educational facility just past the blinker light where M33 connects with M68. So the quiz: What Song about wheels is associated with the singers below? 1. Perry Como 2. Blood, Sweat, & Tears 3. Kay Starr 4. Tina Turner 5. any preschooler on a day trip Answers: 1."Round and Round (Find a Wheel)" 2. "Spinning Wheel" 3. "The

Why Being an "Old Teacher" Is Cool

The Fourth of July is like one big quiz for me, and I love it. John and I walk along the street of our small town, which on this one day of the year is so crowded that it looks like New York City after a Yankee World Series win. As we go, people stop me over and over again to say hello, to reminisce, and to introduce me to their children. "This is my old teacher, Mrs. Herring," they say, and I smile at kids who couldn't care less. While we chat, I'm often frantically filing through my memories for a name. Sometimes the family name comes to mind. Sometimes I get a first name, too, so I can say, "Well, John Smith! How are you doing?" Most times the face is familiar but the name won't come (It usually does after we've gone on a few feet--very frustrating). And sometimes I get nothing. It really doesn't have a lot to do with how memorable a student was in my classroom, though teachers do tend to remember the really good ones and the really bad on

How About a Date? (No Weirdness!)

Name the song/artist 1. "It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day..." 2. "Do you remember the twenty-first night of September?" 3. "I think it was the fourth of July" 4. "It's December the twenty-fourth, and I'm longing to be up north." 5. "It was the third of September/The day I'll always remember." Answers 1. "Ode to Billy Jo" Bobbi Gentry 2. "September" Earth, Wind & Fire 3. "Saturday in the Park" Chicago 4. "White Christmas" The Carpenters (& many more) 5. "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" The Temptations