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The Loser Mysteries Loser is like no character you've met before: homeless, dirty, and mostly silent. Join her as she finds her way back from the dark places she's been. Find out why she fell into despair. See if she can learn to cope again, to sleep in a bed, meet someone's gaze, and possibly accept there's something worthwhile left in her life. ********************************************* Killing Silence (Book #1) Loser sleeps in alleys, washes up in gas station rest rooms, and eats when she can. Lost in her own misery, s he barely notices the hardships of life. When a child captures her attention and that child's welfare is in doubt, however, Loser calls on long-forgotten resources to help. Can someone who lives among the lost become a rescuer, or will her demons--and a vicious murderer--defeat her? Ebook  Print ****************************************** Killing Memories (Book #2) Ebook: Print Upset by the attention su