Help! I'm Buried Under Edits

I've been slogging through edits of the second Maggie Pill Sleuth Sisters book, which for me means listening to one computer read the book aloud while I make corrections on a second computer. (It's complicated.)
I was doing pretty well (halfway) when I opened my e-mail and found the copy-edited MS for the fourth Simon & Elizabeth book, Her Majesty's Mischief, with a deadline for its return. Deadlines make me nervous, and I'm tempted to drop my current task and work on the new one.
I can do this.
Hanging over my head somewhere is the third Dead Detective book, Dead for the Show. The publisher told me they'd like to get it out before the end of 2014 or at the very latest, early 2015. That means the copy-edits for that book should be showing up soon, too.
I really can do this.
Copy-edits aren't that bad. The big changes have already been made, so I just have to look at little mistakes they found and okay changes. For example, I had a character placing his knife in his "bolt". The main editor missed that, so it's great that there's another round of edits done by a copy-editor, who caught it. Still, to do it well, I should dedicate myself to it and concentrate until it's done.
The hard part for me is shifting gears from one book to another, one type of editing to another. I have trouble deciding whether I should drop the deep edit on one book to do the easier job on the other one or stick with what I was doing until it's done. Despite the fact that it gives me fits to delay work on a half-day job I know someone is waiting for, I'm going to finish the Sleuth Sisters edit first (hopefully no more than two days), then tackle the historical.
I really can do this. And I'm going to do it right now.


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