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Trip Through My Tale

  What's the next book?     FAKE When will it be ready?     September 1st What's it about?       Well...      I propose that we take a while to figure that out. I will try to entertain and enlighten you over the next four months--about once a week.  What will that entail?      Cover art      Character sketches      Plot teasers     Other fun stuff.  So let's begin!      The story is told by several characters. In the first section, "Fake" applies to the main character, Kip Morgan. That's not his real name, and he's not exactly an upstanding citizen. In fact, he makes his living   as a con artist. Kip is on the run from the Chicago cops when he sees an ad for an investigator. He figures he's perfect for the job, since he has valuable criminal experience...from the criminals' side. What has he got going for him?       Good looks, charm, family tradition, and chutzpah. What's against him?     We'll talk about that next week.