Aug 2, 2022

How About a FREE Print Book?

Readers love book deals, right?

Here’s the situation: I have books I didn’t sell, largely due to COVID. I’m not interested in doing live book events anymore. (Too much travel, too many lonely hours in a bookstore.)

Therefore, I’m offering a deal, ONLY to loyal readers of my newsletters and blog.

Below is a list of what I have in my home inventory. Some are later books in a series, but they don't depend on an earlier book to understand either the characters or the mystery.

For the month of August, you can simply ask for a signed paperback copy of any book listed, and I’ll mail it to you FREE, for as long as the supply holds out.

To take advantage of the deal:

1. Look over the list and choose a book. (Numbers are very limited, so don’t wait).
2. Send the title you’d like (Sorry, only one to a customer) and your mailing address to

Each series is featured on its own page here on the blog, so you can check to see whether you’ve read a book/series yet and whether it’s something that would interest you. I’ll keep the list below updated, so you can check to see what’s still available.

While I don’t have print copies of all my books, they are always available on Amazon, B&N, and most other distributors. Any bookstore can order them, but this is probably the only chance you’ll ever get to receive a book by mail for free. It’s a great deal for you, or a nice Christmas gift for the person on your list who prefers “real” books.

As always, I appreciate reviews in any spot you like to post them, and I don’t mind if you pass the book along when you’ve finished it. Reviews and word of mouth are an author’s best friends.

Series                                     Titles left  ( ) indicates series sequence

The Dead Detective Mysteries        Dead for the Money (#2)

                                                        Dead for the Show (#3)

                                                        Dead to Get Ready-and Go (#4)

Simon & Elizabeth (Tudor) Mysteries The Lady Flirts with Death (#3)



Kidnap Capers (Humorous Suspense)  Pharma Con (#2

                                                             Trouble with Dad (#3)


’60s Paranormal Mystery                    Not Dead Yet…


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