Waterfall Hunting

 Facebook was the instigator, as usual. Someone posted a map of waterfalls in the UP, and I mentioned to JC there were some we hadn't seen. That led to plans for a weekend of waterfall hunting.
It isn't difficult to find waterfalls within a day's driving distance of us. We just head north, and no matter which direction we take from the Mackinac Bridge, we'll find them. This time we went through Sault Ste. Marie and into Canada, up Highway 17 all the way to Wawa. Most of the falls we'd seen before, but there's always a thrill for me at the powerful pulse of water in the springtime. Magpie Falls (above) is one of my favorites, but we climbed up to see Crystal Falls from above, and that was impressive too. It turned out the map wasn't very accurate, leaving out several good falls (like Magpie) that John knew about from his travels in the area.
We were surprised at how much ice is left along the eastern shore of Lake Superior, but it is, after all, Ontario, which has enough different weather zones to be its own country.
Back to Michigan, we drove west, hitting Tahquamenon Falls as well as a bunch of smaller ones along our way to JC's hunting camp, where we spent a night . (Yes, there are mice inside and mosquitoes outside, but it's very, very peaceful.)

I didn't write a word all weekend. Waterfall hunting is a great way to really take a break from work.


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