30 Days of Christmas Day 22: Random Questions

1. Why are some words so hard to type? I invariably type Crhistmas and have to fix it. Also Goerge.
2. Why do we make stupid people famous?
3. Who decided that Christmas (or any holiday, for that matter) means going broke buying presents?
4. Who's Making Love to Your Old Lady (While You Are Out Making Love)?-- Sorry, it just came into my head.
5. What was I thinking when I planned a 30-day blog event?
6. What happened to being able to eat whatever I want and never gaining weight?
7. Where did I set my phone down this time?
8. Where can I find out if the 1998 Lincoln Continental had an escape button inside the trunk? (This is the kind of research question that drives authors crazy.)
9. When will I release my next book? (Only editors & cover artists know the answer!)
10. When will we learn that Peace on Earth is the only gift that matters?


  1. Dare I answer these. 1 I type wayyyy to fast to do it right. 2Do we make em famous or Media? 3 Romans...they get blamed for everything else. 4 Not me. I didn't do it. 5That you, like me, would have all the time in the world to do this right this time. 6 Those were visons of granduer darling. 7Same place as mine. 8 Yeah it's the
    whatif that gets us' 9 Soon darlin I promise. 10 Ain't that the truth
    This was fun Thank you I needed this right now. Blessings to you

    1. Thanks, Judy! Loved your answers, and hope things are well with you.

  2. That's a fun list. As I get older I have even less tolerance for stupid people.

    As to #5 - "HELLO!!" I'm loving it thank you.

    1. I was hoping you didn't have any--or at least so many--where you are!


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